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Gorge Photo Gallery
If you have a great Winery or Scenic Photo to add from the Gorge, please email it to us in JPG form.

Gorge Wine Map

Dry Hollow

Cutting Grapes

Cathedral Ridge

Award Winning

Cathedral Ridge

Pheasant Valley Winery

Red Wines at Maryhill

Chestnut & Wine

Chestnut Roasting

Mt. Hood Grapes

Cathedral Ridge Winery

Maryhill Winery

Marchesi's Winery

Wine Bottling

Group from GWH

Grape Bunch

Wine Tasting

Eddie & Kate Tour

Columbia River

Pinot Grapes

Maryhill Winery Barrels

Maryhill Winery

Mosier Wildflowers

Cherry Trees

Sunset on the River

Stonehendge Memorial

Cherry Trees - Spring


Sunset on the River

Cherry Blossoms

Barn with Cherries

Wine Tasting Party


Autumn Trees

Local Plums

Apple Trees - Parkdale

Columbia River - East

Multnohmah Falls

Multnohmah Falls

Town of Hood River

Mt. Hood

Wind River Winery

Horse Jumping

Winter Tree 2005

Fall in The Gorge


Windsurfing 2005

WindWing Surf Girls


Brick Building H.R.

Mt. Hood

Lilies in the pond

Bridge of the Gods

Petroglyphs - The Dalles

Fishing Deschutes


Lyle Bridge

Stonehendge Memorial

Sunset at The Hatch

Windsurfing Stevenson
Baby Buffalo in Lyle
Baby Buffalo - Lyle 2006